Blemish Removal

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Blemish Removal

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Using this method by Sterex we can safely remove unsightly blemishes including red veins, broken capillaries, spider naevus, blood spots, milia, skin tags, seborrhoeic keratosis, warts and moles.

Treatment is quick, safe and leaves no scarring. Dependant on what we are treating more than one treatment may be needed. This will be discussed at your consultation, when a treatment plan is mapped out. Before and after pics are taken.

Consultation must be booked in advance of treatment.

GP’s permission may be required.

Blemish Removal Treatments

Consultation and Advice


RV/Milia 10 minutes


RV/Milia 20 minutes


RV/Miia 30 minutes


Skin Tag/Warts

from £55.00

Blood Spots

from £55.00

Other Blemishes