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Are you ready to WOW? What is WOW?

So what’s WOW all about?  – WOW Facial is a totally hyper-personalised skin treatment.

The WOW Facial is the ultimate WOW skin treatment, 75 minutes and 6 stages using the most advanced skincare technologies, carefully designed and customised to your needs.  Your skin is left glowing, revitilised, luminous and ready to WOW.

Starting with a glycolic cleanse to really cleanse the skin and prepare it for the next step.


WOW peels are a carefully selected combination of acids, these gently but effectively peel the skin, resurfacing and working on existing skin issues. There are 4 peels in the range so we have one that is ideal for your skin type. Be it anti ageing, acne, pigmentation or just wanting a party glow – Making the WOW facial a truly bespoke treatment.

WOW Fusion

This device is a wonder tool – combining micro-needling and mesotherapy the WOW fusion allows us to cocktail the perfect combination of active ingredients and deliver them into the deeper layers of skin.

Our most popular cocktail is a combination of Hyaluronic Acid, multi vitamins and Anti ageing – this helps stimulate collagen and elastin, hydrate, brighten and improve the texture. Fantastic if you are just wanting to age better.

WOW LED Light Mask

The WOW LED mask has professional strength blue, red and green LED settings to stimulate collagen and elastin alongside purging the skin of toxins and bacteria.

WOW Sheet Mask

Super strength hyaluronic acid, collagen &  Argireline, amongst a host of other fantastic ingredients. The WOW mask is a cult beauty classic and the inspiration behind the WOW Facial. It is famous for reducing dynamic wrinkles and lines and supercharging the skin with hydration – NO WOW Facial is complete without it!

WOW Finish and SPF

Finally, finish with anti oxidant serum and SPF cream to soothe and protect the skin.


So that’s it, watch out for some before and after pics on our social medial sites.

Call 01789 269557 and book your WOW facial – Now it’s your time to WOW……..

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