Equalizing Toner


Alcohol free and suitable for all skin types the Skinceuticals Equalizing Toner contains a unique fruit acid blend and botanical extracts to tone the skin without causing irritation.

Benefits of SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner:

  • Removes excess residue
  • Restores the skin’s natural pH balance
  • Refreshes the skin
  • Soothes & minimises redness
  • Suitable for all skin types

This daily alcohol free toner helps the skin to feel softer, smoother and more toned whilst also helping to balance the skins PH level gently exfoliating dead skin cells without causing any irritation to the skin.

Suitable for all skin types, active ingredients including Aloe Vera also help to hydrate the skin and soothe inflammation minimising redness.

SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner active ingredients:

  • Fruit Acid Blend – Containing Glycolic, citric, malic, tartaric and lactic acid working to gently exfoliate the skin without causing irritation.
  • Botanical Extracts – Containing hazel, rosemary, aloe and chamomile to soften, soothe and tone the skin.
  • Please Note:This product cannot be shipped outside of the EU.

How to use:

Apply a small amount to a cotton wool pad and smooth over the face, neck and chest twice daily after cleansing.

Size: 200ml