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Why do we cleanse?

For the last few weeks I have had a few clients explaining to me that they don’t need to cleanse as they don’t wear make up! HELLO have you looked out side lately, lorries, trains, trucks, 3 car’s out side everyone’s house these day’s all filling the air with oil like molecules. That is before we use our computer’s, Ipad, phones, paperwork, money etc touching them touching your face all transference of bacteria whether you have make up on or not YOUR SKIN IS DIRTY!!

So if you can just imagine not having an evening cleanse – dirty skin = dirty pillow slip night after night aah yuk!

I believe the best time to cleanse is in the evening, now this doesn’t have to be the minute before you go to bed, unless out on the town but no night out excuses here – I like to cleanse just before I sit down for the evening usually just before 9pm – this seems to work for me.

So no late night excuses, let’s do it regularly, do it right and help yourself maintain that healthy glow and great skin x

Bit like being in charge of your own destiny – be in control of your own skin

So what are the benefits:

  1. A decent cleanse allows the removal of grime, left over make up, dead skin cells & bacteria to be removed/dissolved.
  2. Cleansing allows the skin to breath, helps the skin to work with nutrient’s applied.
  3. Great benefit is it promotes blood circulation, giving you a healthy glow.
  4. A good evening cleanse means the morning cleanse can be fairly quick

So here is the how to:

A hair band is good to keep dirty hair out of the way, wash hands & damp face..

  1. I use a pre cleanse oil (OIL LKES OIL) it emulsifies and is great for removing oil based debris, prior to my second cleanse which I like to use a cleansing lotion and water.
  2. Gently massage your face using circular motions, covering you whole face & neck.
  3. Rinse to remove – gently pat your face with a tissue to remove excess water
  4. Either use cold water or finish with a toner and moisturizer.

Yes there are lots of different cleansers on the market some doing different jobs, ie exfoliating as well as cleanse, simply put a cleanser should clean your skin, not leave an oily film causing congestion, or leave your skin feeling tight -if in doubt ask and expert!

Guy’s this isn’t Rocket Science, let’s just do it regular and do it right and enjoy the benefit’s!

Thanks for reading Mary xx

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