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So Tans are fading, the weather is getting colder the heating is on and sucking the life out of your skin!! With Winter about to start in a couple of weeks time why not start your Winter skincare regime now!!! This way you will still have glowing skin come Christmas.

Some people believe you need to use a thicker heavier cream in the Winter I just think we need to use a cleansing lotion, twice of an evening always or even better invest in a Clarisonic for some light exfoliation leading to more moisture, use a moisturiser full of vitamin A & C ( I love Environ) and 2-3 time a week add in some oil of a night time, I use the Environ AVST Body oil and my skin feels like I have had a facial when I wake up! £39.95 RRP

  1. Double Cleansing – Cleanse your skin using a lotion as opposed to a gel which can be a bit drying, always make sure your cleanser is thoroughly removed before the next step.
  2. Remember exfoliation – Leads to more moisture in the skin, if you exfoliate then always moisturize (face & body), nothing too scratchy something with a little bit of salicylic works well and you can’t beat a good old body brush for the body always moving in the direction of the heart.
  3. Feed your skin from within  Eat a Rainbow, good for the skin are your brightly coloured fruit & vegetables as well as dark green leafy vegetables this means you cover all your basis to feed your organs, remember you may need extra just for your skin – the biggest organ but often gets the dregs.
  4. Drink room temperature water –  lemon with ginger & warm water and herbal teas. (keep that coffee down to favourite time a day)
  5. Supplement –  Don’t forget your supplements Omega 3 and vitamin A & D, safe to say the better quality supplement you can afford the better the result, I always liken this to buying a 20p loaf from Aldi or a £2.20 from Waitrose there is a mass difference in quality.
  6. Extra Hydration – Add a serum for extra hydration of an evening, look for one that has hyaluronic acid in it as this holds 1000 times its own weight in water so brilliant for that extra bit hydration!!!
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