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I was chanel hopping on the TV recently and came across a programme on SUPERFOODS and 5 women were given blueberries to eat every day and then tested to see the improvements on their skin with great results so I decided to look into it a bit more and was amazed to learn about the benefits to the skin, they are simply bursting with anti oxidants.

I found that amongst other phyto nutrients they contain vitamin A & C, are full of fibre, low in cholesterol & sodium so whether you suffer from acne, premature aging, broken capillaries or blotchy skin the nutrients in blueberries will help! Blue berries can increase your circulatory system and also helps to control hormones, avoiding those monthly breakouts in fact helping to keep all systems flowing and regular!

I am starting to believe that if you can make just one change to your diet – then add in blueberries!!!

Vitamin A is great for plumping, normalizing and fading dark spots, can also help to make wrinkles less noticeable. Vitamins C an anti oxidant helps to mop up free radicals it is essential for skin health & collagen production, supports capillary walls & strengthens the blood vessels just below the surface of the skin which also means the stronger the capillaries the more resistant they are to breaking – Vitamin C also builds up your resistance to the sun.

I have found that by adding in blueberries to my porridge in the morning and having a blue berry fruit salad with plain yogurt in the afternoon is working well for me, I get lots of compliments about my skin, I have lost weight (10 lbs), less bloated, more regular – leading to more energy, I buy a large pack at the beginning of the week (you can always freeze them if worried about them going off), make my fruit salad them it is easy to add to any meal!!

they are low in fat and cholesterol (approx. 84 calories per small cup).So leading me to believe that blueberries not only taste good but eating them on a regular basis can lead to a younger fresher looking skin – so go on add them to your diet and enjoy the compliments about YOUR skin!!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to let me know how you get on, Mary x

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