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So there is a lot of hype at the moment on Skinade, Better skin in a bottle. I first came across the product at a beauty show a couple of years ago and quickly dismissed them as a bit of a fad – Me being a bit of a skincare junkie and fairly educated in this department found it hard to believe the claims – the Manufactures (Bottled Science) claim this 150 ml bottle can deliver the micro nutrients and essential vitamins needed to maintain skin function and hydration “Better skin from within”.

Being skeptical I wasn’t very religious about the initial 10 day trial, didn’t notice a lot and forgot all about it, until recently!! I‘ve been seeing lots of celebrity & blogger endorsements which got me thinking about it again. Then funny enough my lovely rep gave me a month’s supply to try and this must have been at the right time as I was feeling a bit run down.

I have a great skincare routine and take a bundle of high quality supplements every day but to be sure I stopped taking these to try out Skinade in the aim to get “Better skin from within”.

I was struck by how easy they are to take and found it best to drink all in one go, not so struck on the taste, peach & mangosteen – very sweet! I started adding mine to my daily porridge to balance the taste. I much preferred the travel ones which I could add to a glass of water, very quickly I noticed I had more energy and had a few people said my skin looked like it was glowing, although I do have good skin so didn’t tie the comments to Skinade straight away. However,  I was lucky enough to receive a second months free trial and 6 weeks in I can see a big difference in my skin and so wished I had taken before & after photo’s!

How Does Skinade Work?

Unlike most other anti-aging skincare products such as creams, lotions and serums that work on the outside, Skinade works from the inside out containing high quality ingredients:-

 Marine Collagen – Sourced from fresh water fish, hence mercury free and low in sodium

  • MSM – This prevents cross linking of the collagen bonds, thereby preventing skin aging
  • L-lysine – An essential amino acid that is known to repair and rebuild collagen as well as cells renewal.
  • Vitamin C – A potent anti-oxidant that inhibits the activities of free-radicals, it also aids the natural production of collagen.
  • Vitamin B complex – Nourishes the skin and makes it look glowing and radiant.

Is it worth it?

Well it is all relative, this contains what you need to a get healthy skin from the inside out, and it is certainly way better than taking nothing at all, it’s easy to take and cost wise is equivalent to a posh coffee per day!! I am a great believer that to achieve great skin there are a number of boxes you have to tick such as a healthy daily diet, hydration and a great skincare routine. Is this part of my forever routine??? To be honest I would love to take it every day but due to the cost – It is probably something I would use as a boost to my routine especially during the Winter months or  have a big event coming up and want that little bit extra!

I can understand how the celebrity endorsements have come about, it is easier than taking 9 supplements a day and they can afford the  £90 a month cost although skinade do offer a 30 day trial for £60.00.

Ps did I mention it is 35 calories per bottle & the nutrients also work well for hair & nails.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, Thanks Mary

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