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Skin wipes encourages lazy skin care!

Things to remember:

  1. They usually leave an oily residue on the skin, preventing your moisturizer from penetrating & doing its job.
  2. You would use a lot of wipes to get all make up and dirt off the skin & basically  just moving the dirt around.
  3. The oil residue can actually cause black heads & dry patches in some skin types.
  4. Most have a shelf life of 3 years and that is a lot of chemicals to try and clean your skin with.
  5. Treat them like a McDonald’s fast food and only use when there is nothing else.

Don’t get me wrong wipes do have their uses – festivals, camping, flights, hospital stays – they are great.  Or when drunk, ill or exhausted, wipes are often the only thing stopping someone from sleeping in full make-up, which is never good!!!

If you need to use a wipe invest in Dermalogica’s pre-cleanse wipes; £14.40

They are bio degradable and melt away layers of excess oil (sebum), sunscreen and make up built up during the day. Formulated with aloe & apricot oil, conditioning with rice bran & vitamin E, so gentle they can even be used around the eye area.

My advice;  use a wipe first and then a facial cleansing wash to clean your skin & lift the residue – Best advice DITCH  the wipe all together and cleanse twice, the first gets rid of the dirt and the second cleanse really cleans your skin.

So next time you can’t be bothered to wash off your make up and you go to grab a wipe, REMEMBER you could be making your skin worse.

Thanks for reading, Mary

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