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Do you get confused when buying skincare? Do you find yourself walking around department stores feeling intimidated or worse, seeing an advert and then become convinced that this is a miracle in a jar!!

Buying Skincare!/Department Store or Skin Clinic?

Having been in the beauty industry for the last 15 years I am always surprised when clients come into the Clinic and say “I don’t want to be sold to”, but happily buy over the counter products on a whim or the recommendation of a sales assistant or worse after seeing an advert which has been specifically designed to sell products!!! I often hear ” I use this because my friend recommended it”!! Safe to say your friend will have different skin issues, lifestyle and certainly genetics.

I would rather buy from someone who is trained in skincare, uses the products they recommend and is not merely target based; I see it as an investment not only in the products but they have worked hard to earn the right to give you advice on your skin care. My advice is get to know your therapist, build a relationship with them as believe me it is in their interest to see difference in your skin! Check out their qualifications, do they keep up to date with their industry?? They won’t mind if you ask as it shows you are interested in learning about your own skin and how to get the best from your skincare, Most of my clients find me through recommendation, so ask your friends who they go to.

Decide want you want your skincare to do, most over the counter products don’t contain the same high level of ingredients as professional skincare ranges, look at the ingredients – look out for Vitamin A, C & E these are the ingredients that will make a difference.

Best advice is do your homework, go back to basics and cleanse, tone & moisturize, clean skin is the best place to start making changes and the most important step in your routine, drummed into us as teenagers but we all get lazy! If you do book a consultation here are my tips:-

  1. Be honest; tell them how much you want to spend. That way they can recommend the most important product to make changes     in your skincare.
  2. Ask how much do I use to save on wastage? Be shown if necessary.
  3. Ask about FREE skin analysis, most clinics/counters run events.
  4. Know your skin type & remember this will change as we age.
  5. Ask questions, why will these works? What difference will it make to my skin? How is it different to what I am already using?

My advice is book a professional consultation and let an Expert have a good look at your skin, however there are some good over the counter products and trained Skincare advisors just keep in mind my top 5 tips and you won’t go far wrong.

Thanks for reading Mary x

Passionate about Skincare!

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