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With few daylight hours in the winter, serotonin (the happy brain chemical) decreases, so ideally up your oily fish intake or purchase a good quality omega 3 oil.

Fatty Fish such as salmon, tuna and trout are rich in omega 3 fatty acids & selemium. These fats increase the flow of white blood cells – that eat up bacteria, and have very powerful immune effects and is best eaten 3 times per week.

As well as moisturising your skin from the inside, omega 3 oils have been shown to improve moods, enhance mental abilities, they are naturally anti inflammatory and as an added bonus a diet rich in omegas aid weight loss by encouraging the body to use fat for energy.

Usually a tell tale sign of a body lacking in essential fatty acids are dry arms or legs.

I believe it is a false economy to buy cheap supplements and often compare it to a 20p loaf to an organic baked bread which is better? We use Omega 3 supplements from the Advanced Nutrition Programme available at Henley Rooms £12.55 for 60 capsules

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