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Strong healthy nails should be flexible with a nice even white tip on show, this provides a visual sign to your overall health ie weak brittle nails are often a sign of nutritional deficiency. Follow these top tips to get your nails strong and healthy.

1. Keep nails well hydrated use a nail oil morning and night, massage a small amount into your nails and cuticles, (massage also increases the blood flow).

2. Wear gloves when washing up, cleaning products are usually high in chemicals which can strip the nails of natural oils and lead to dry ridges forming. (Add in hand moisturizer before wearing gloves for extra all over hydration).

3. Keep your finger nails clean & dry, to prevent bacteria such as fungal building up.

4. File your nails once a week, never back and forth. always in one direction, this is a bit like cutting dead ends off your hair & also prevents splitting.

5. Wear a base coat suitable to your nail condition – this is also added protection as well as a treatment – not sure what treatment to use – get your nails analysed by your manicurist. (Treatments are usually a mix of protein & hydration to suit your nail condition).

6. Take B vitamins 300 mg a day, there is research to say Biotin helps form good strong healthy nails.

7. Zinc, found in milk and boiled eggs, if you have white spots not caused by trauma then you will be lacking zinc – check your multi vitamin

8. Keep your manicure for longer and apply a top coat every couple of days.

Next blog on specific nail problems!!!

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