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Having tried many products over the years, from shop bought to salon professional I came across Environ after researching different product lines for my business. I have to say, it is the one product that I have seen visible results with, almost instantly.

environbodycreamBeautiful skin for a lifetime, the corner stone of Environ treatments is the fabulous Vitamin A.

Extensive scientific research and trials have shown that Vitamin A has a corrective effect on skin, smoothing, softening and protecting it from the effects of ultraviolet radiation and free radicals. It’s most important activity, the combination of vitamins A, C & E can help repair and prevent damage done to the skin cells and preserve the skin’s immunity and natural barrier.

Vitamin A is one of the most important, medically proven ingredients to normalise even sensitive skin. It has been clinically proven to protect, hydrate and restore the skin, normalising it by stimulating the growth of cells, thickening the basal layer of the epidermis and compacting the stratum corneum which is the most important layer of protection against the environment and sensitising ingredients.

Now lots of product houses claim these magnificent benefits even if they have the smallest dot of vitamin A in it. From what I understand, the skin acclimatizes to the amount of vitamin A, gets used to it and then increases in strength. So the results are progressive. You can and do, leave yourself open to a retinoid reaction if your products are not prescribed by a qualified skin care expert. This in itself is a good indication that if you can pick it up off the shelf and have no reaction then you are back to the tiniest little dot of ingredient. So if you buy off the shelves ask yourself, how much Vitamin A is actually in that product?

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