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My Winter Skin Top Tips-Stratford-upon-Avon

  1. Stay hydrated, drink plenty water. I know it’s hard in the Winter to drink cold water so opt for warm water & herbal teas. Remember dehydrated parched skin shows up lines and wrinkles so much more on dehydrated skin.

2.  Avoid really hot baths and showers as this sucks the life out of your skin. 

3. Don’t forget your evening routine is crucial to healthy skin, your skin works at night time and your cells speak to each other so help them by adopting a good double cleanse routine, and feed your skin with vitamin A,C and E. (Vitamin A is the top anti ageing nutrient, but is also normalises skin and is essential for cell turnover). My favourite is the Environ Step up as this gives the skin a chance to get acclimitized before moving up a step.

4. Exfoliate at least once per week; unless you use retinol regularly then you won’t need this step. My all time favourite Retinol is Skinceuticals and I have tried a few, again it is a step us, starting on 0.3%, 0.5% to 1%.(This does need monitoring and you need to seek advice from your skin therapist before moving up).

5. Cover up for protection, however if you do use scarves or hoodies wrapped around your face, make sure these are          washed regularly to avoid cross transference of bacteria. 

6. Morning Routine, don’t forget your anti-oxidant is essential in the morning. My all-time favourite is Skinceuticals CE     Ferulic – this baby was 10 years in the making and the Mother of all Vitamin C. (Anti oxidants mop up free radicals, essential   for skin health & repair and Vitamin C is the one we need for collagen production). Our clients have nicknamed this liquid Gold.

7. Remember to wear an SPF even on Winter days as we need protection from the UVA light, not to mention light from computers/laptops/iphones etc all damaging to the skin.

8. A decent lip protection to avoid those horrible dry chapping lips, remember great skin is a habit. So            start working on your great skin today.

Happy to chat about any of the above, call into the Salon in Old Red Lion Court, Stratford upon Avon or call Mary 01789 269557, thanks for reading Mx

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