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So if something is working “Why change it”? Is usually what I ask, however my rep gave me a sample of the latest from the Ultra Calming Range the all new Redness Relief Primer!

First thing I noticed is the increase in SpF from 15-20, all good as the Sun is a killer for anyone with redness to their skin or suffer from Rosacea, sun sensitivity.

So what’s it all about?? Comes in a slim tube with the needle nose tip contains a translucent primer that’s tinted with natural green botanical extracts that treats the skin, counteracts redness, balances skin tone and as an added bonus primes the skin for makeup -all good!

This primer feels amazingly soothing on the skin, thanks in part to Oat Extracts and Oat Kernel Oil, and Dermalogica’s “UltraCalming™ Complex.” to calm and heal the skin, it does contain silicones which most primers do and this will help with the silky feel to it, there are no artificial fragrances, colors or parabens, and of course, it’s cruelty free.

Apart from how it feels on the skin, I actually like the greet tint, which tones down redness (remember the colour wheel at school green counteracts red). The pale green tint is very sheer, once Iapplied the primer onto the skin it disappears just enough to tone down your redness, you can apply with finger tips or a sponge, however I prefer a brush as you lose less product.

Product comes with a plastic slide, how very ingenious is this? Just squeeze it on to the bottom of the tube and it squeezes every last drop of product out for you., amazing!

Will it take away redness – I doubt it but it does tone the skin down very well, has good coverage and feels great. I believe this will turn out to be one of their “HERO” products..

22ml RRP £38.40

Thanks for reading Mary xx

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