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ME – well I am going to start with small changes, look at things I can stick with and make choices that can become a way of life. Women are great at ” to do” lists for shopping, house work and work life so why cant we apply this to other parts like a new skincare regime or healthy eating plan etc! I believe you commit to a  plan if you put it on paper, YES this can be broken BUT if you take the time to do some research, take advice and make a plan there is less chance of breaking that commitment!!  Buy a nice pen and note book (Thanks to my hubby for my Mont Blanc pen) this has started a new train of thought for me. and I am already on a roll!!

So where do we start? Well there is dry January to think about, thought about it! – Not doing it. Life is too short but what I can do is change from a nightly glass of wine to enjoying a glass when I go out and to save on calories is to change this to a Skinny Bitch (Vodka, soda water and fresh lime), see where I am going cake and eating it – so to speak.

Moving onto eating healthy, I am going to plan my own diet for my age group 50+ . One thing I have noticed this year is that when I take the time to write out a meal plan I generally keep to it and this seems to be the best way of sticking to a healthy eating plan and if I want a day off you better believe I am going to have it!! I am sticking with the 80/20% ratio because as I said life is too short . My diet needs to take in what is good for my skin, of course my skin this is after all my job, my age (52), menopause aahhh and lifestyle, I like going out and being sociable but I also want to look and feel good – like most women these days I want it all!!

FINALLY I am a great believer in catching your breath and saying NO! Sometimes to be good to yourself you have to say NO to others!! Some people are very draining they steal your energy and in 2015 People who steal my energy  are banned from my life, I do believe you can have all kinds of different friends, people who enrich your life and people who deplete your energy with all good friendships this has got to be a two way street. So catch your breath and say “Let me think about that and get back to YOU” and allow yourself time to think – before you say YES!!! A good friend will understand time is precious and we don’t always have the time to be there for everybody, Will I be able to stick to this, YES I think so it is all about the head space!!

Watch of 2015! Thanks for reading Mary

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