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Great Brow’s for Dummies!!!

Brows are bigger than ever before but this doesn’t mean you have to look like someone off “Geordie Shore”

Eye brows should definitely open the eyes, it’s very true a great eye brow shape is like a mini eye lift, something everyone should invest in and for me the eye lift is becoming evermore important!!

It can be as Easy as ABC!!  So take the inner corner of your eye as your starting point A, just to the left of your pupil is your highest point B and from the outer corner diagonally is your end point C, using a pencil to mark up this is an easy guide to the sizing your brows and  will give you the ideal size of brow to open up your eyes

Personally I would always visit a professional having had pencil thin eyebrows from the 80′s , so it’s taking me until now to get a great set of Brows,a great investment and I would always recommend having them tinted at the same time as just like the hair on your head the brows lose pigment and this will give them some definition, no two eyebrows are the same a professional can do a great job of making them look mirrored!

If doing them yourself invest in good tweezers and stretch the skin, you could always use and ice cube to freeze the area (ideal if you have a G&T handy) If like me you have over plucked – leave them as long as possible with just the briefest of tidy up in the middle leaving the hairs close to the eyebrow– it is worth it!! Try to aim to tidy once a week not daily. Always comb the brows down and snip off extra-long hairs through the eye brow, use a conditioning treatment to keep them in place especially if they are on the long side, , if your brows are sparse fill them in with a brow kit, Brow make up can really make a difference, if you think about it you wear mascara every day to make the lashes look longer, thicker and it becomes a habit. You can easily do the same for your eye brows by either using a pencil for definition or a brow powder to fill in I love the Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit, which includes brow powder, conditioning wax & brushes £24.00

Top Tips:Hide the tweezers & stretch the skin

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