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No big secret that I’m a fan of the Clarisonic cleansing brush, been using mine now for 3 years and love it. I love the fact that I can get squeaky clean skin without stripping the natural oils or compromising my skin, also love the fact that it is doing more than one thing at a time (a woman thing!)

So for those of you that are maybe planning on buying a Clarisonic,, or thinking about adding it to your Christmas Wish list, but not sure exactly what it does? Here are my thoughts.

Using sonic technology so it vibrates rather than rotates this gives you a gentle but deep cleanse to the skin, helping to prevent blocked pores which can lead to congestion, it also removes more makeup than manual cleansing and improves the appearance of skin tone & texture, it has a natural exfoliation action so aids with product penetration – I am all for that!!!

I use mine every night, doing a quick manual cleanse first to remove leftover make up and daily grime, then use a small amount of cleanser and use my Clarisonic for 1 minute, I love how it feels on my skin, stimulating the lymph and the blood flow is an extra bonus, be guided by your skin as we are all different try using it every day if it causes any redness then try it every other day – LISTEN to your skin…

However there are 2 different sizes (models) – The Clarisonic plus and the Mia, about £60.00 difference in price between the two with the plus selling at around £179.00. The Mia is smaller and great for a gift for a teen or for travelling. I use the plus which has 3 different settings as opposed to the mia which has 1 setting/speed.  The plus comes with a kit of products I am not a lover of the cleanser that comes with it and would be guided by your skincare therapist which to use for your skin, please, please do not use soap or an exfoliating cleanser and this will upset your skin’s natural balance and could lead to irritation, I also find that I don’t need to use a toner as after using the Clarisonic I just splash with water.

You could indeed invest in both as the brushes fit both, only exception being the body brush and extending handle can only be used with the plus size. The plus also has something call a T-Timer which times out 20 seconds per area of the face for 1 or 2 minutes and the mia is just constant 1 minute cleanse, regardless of which one you go for please remember this is a cleansing tool and not to apply too much pressure and scrub at your face.

I LOVE my Clarisonic and feel it is a great tool to add to your routine, seriously if you want a super, deeper, sonic cleanse this is the way forward. For more info

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