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Trying to grow your nails, here is my top 5 tips!

1. Maintain your nails.

If you need to take down length or just take off the split ends make sure you cut them with clippers/nail scissors then just smooth the rough edge slightly with the file. By cutting you are strengthening the nail whereas filing can damage especially if you file in different directions!

2. Always use a nail oil

Whether your nails peel, break, snap or are very dry a nail oil can help. It also conditions the cuticles and skin around the nails and this will also help them grow. Keep a bottle of OPI Nail Oil by your bed or on your desk – somewhere where you’ll remember take a few second to apply it, it honestly makes a huge difference to dry and raggedy cuticles. (I leave mine by my bed!)

3. Wear a base coat

A base coat simply protects the nail. This can be a normal clear base coat or a strengthening treatment. Just by giving the nail extra layers this can help keep them long and healthy. If you like wearing bright nail colours a base coat is essential to prevent staining.

4. Wear gloves!

This may be the BIGGEST reason for brittle, broken nails as not everyone wears gloves when doing the washing up/cleaning or gardening. Water weakens the nails and using strong cleaning products can cause long term damage.

5. Supplement

Take a supplement! Nail Science is specially formulated to support healthy strong growth. Nails are often weak, brittle or flaky due to nutritional deficiencies. Contains zinc, iron, EFA’s and vitamin a.

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