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Now is the time to up the ante on your seasonal skincare routine. The cold blustery outdoors to a warm cosy indoors causes stress to your skin.

In this wintry weather, if the skin’s natural barrier is weakened, moisture is lost and the surface layers of the skin crack easily. Potential irritants from the environment are also able to penetrate the barrier, which can cause redness and sensitivity.

1. Listen to your skin

Your skin speaks to you, if it is cold outside this can lead to redness & sensitivity, if it is lacking in moisture outside this can show up as dryness, if it is cold and blustery this can suck the moisture from your skin.

2. Get ingredient savvy skin!

ACE your skin throughout the winter season. That is look out for products with vitamin A,C & E, vitamin A supports the skin elasticity by protecting collagen from UV rays, C is an anti oxidant but also supports the capillary walls and is great for skin health & repair, E moisturizes & nourishes the skin.

3. Change your skin cleanser this winter

If using a facial wash change to a creamy cleanser in the frosty winter months. This is more nourishing and less stripping of the natural oils. Also cleanse twice at night- first to get rid of today’s dirt and second to clean your skin, go to bed with squeaky clean skin then in the morning all you have to do is freshen up.

4. Moisturise – an essential part of your winter skincare routine

Moisturizing regularly should be a key part of your winter skincare routine – Twice per day.

So in addition to nourishing your skin externally with creams, drink plenty of water as well which will hydrate from within. Your winter diet can have a huge impact on your skin. “Eat foods that contain omega 3s like ground flax seed and salmon, spinach, and other leafy greens are great for your skin as well.”

5. Sunscreen your skin even in winter!

Winter is not the time to forget the sunscreen, in fact sun reflecting off snow can be more damaging the sun reflecting off a beach in the summer, apply an SPF 15 daily, make it a habit your skin will thank you!

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