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True to say when it comes to your skin “You are what you eat”, to achieve a great healthy skin you need to work on the inside too. So as well as drinking mineral water it is essential to eat water rich food. Ditch the junk food and avoid sugar and decrease the caffeine, as well as increasing your vitamins and essential fatty acids

SKIN Nutrition

Much of our skin is made up of proteins and elastin to keep it firm, unfortunately as we age the levels of these drops, due to FREE RADICAL damage caused by sun exposure, smoking, drinking, pollution and stress. Your main vital organs take what they need for everything in your body to work properly and the skin gets the dregs, so imagine if you don’t have a great diet (you know who you are) then your skin, hair and nails are getting next to nothing nutrition wise.

Good idea is to take into consideration, how far our food has traveled, how it was grown, how it was stored, how it was prepared or cooked – so really how it got to your plate and then how much vitamins & nutritrients are actually left. So do we take a supplement to up our intake?

The question of supplements is an individual choice- I say if you haven’t tried it don’t knock it.

But you do get what you pay for, same difference than if you shop at Aldi or Waitrose. I take a strip of supplements from Patrick Holford’s range of Advanced Nutrition for the skin – a strip a day keeps wrinkles at bay!

In my strip is 1000mg Vitamin C, a broad spectrum Multi vitamin, 1000mg Omega 3 and a great quality anti oxidant So purely from a skin point of view, Vitamin C is essential for skin health and repair, it holds up the capillary walls and helps to build up a resistance to the sun, Omega 3 (essential fatty acids) moisturize the skin from the inside and helps all the systems to flow properly. Anti oxidants helps to mop up free radical damage and a broad spectrum multi vitamin enables these to work better.

Skin is what you eat!

The best nutrition advice I’ve ever heard is to eat a rain bow every day, the “Rainbow” refers to a variety of fruit and vegetable colours. Eating purple, red, orange, yellow, green and blue fruit and vegetables ensures that you’re getting a variety of nutrients to help feed your skin. I do my best to eat a rainbow, yeah it is not always possible but working fruit and veggies into every meal and snack helps. Try a berry smoothie or add fruit to cereals, pop some crunchy vegetables into your sandwich box, make sure you have steamed veg for dinner broccoli & carrots – a banana is your ideal fast food.

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