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Protection, Protection, Protection

Becoming sun-wise by using a broad spectrum sun protection cream and staying out of the Sun between 12-3pm, protect against UVA & UVB, UVA Rays age & UVB Rays burn.

Remember the higher the SPF the higher the chemicals, look out for Titanium Dioxide a natural ingredient & remember to re-apply.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Happy people already believe they look good, so with a strong self-esteem & high energy levels & free from anxiety. Stress & anxiety cause free radical damage and restricted blood flow and oxygen to the cells. Exercise such as dancing, walking & yoga can help.

Where There is Smoke…There is wrinkles

Smoking robs the skin of oxygen and vital Vitamin C, doubling the rate at which your skin ages, leading to those horrible smokers lines & sallow skin.

Sleep Well

Sleep is the foundation of our wellbeing. Human growth hormone is released to revitalise your body and regenerate cells. The way you sleep also determines your wrinkles ie do you favour one side? If so you will have more wrinkles on that side. Broken sleep also leads to dark circles under the eyes

Your Skin is what you eat!

Eating the right foods gives the skin the nutrients it needs to be brighter, smoother & healthier with less wrinkles. Foods like anti-oxidant rich berries, broccoli, dark greens, natural oatmeal, salmon (full of essential fatty acids). We call these water rich foods, drinking water or herbal teas top these up. This is a great two pronged attack, your diet works on the inside and your skin creams work topically.

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